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Brandon Studebaker Construction, LLC offers a diverse range of services and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality work satisfying our customers needs.


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. 



Brandon Studebaker Construction, LLC provides full-service, premier kitchen remodeling. 


Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home. The ideal kitchen is efficient, offers abundant storage and counter space, and is fully equipped with lights and outlets. We help create your dream kitchen so you entertain family and friends or enjoy an intamate, relaxing dinner at home. 


Get inspired with photos from our kitchen remodels. Click on the link below to visit our gallery!


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Install windows of any shape or size, replacement or new construction. Finish inside of windows, from insulating to installing trim. Wrap trim on the outside with aluminum of matching color as well as caulking seams. Typically use Wincore windows, but as with everything else there are mulitple brands and will install to customers wants/needs.


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Install doors of any shape or size. We can make openings wider to allow for a wider front or back door. Install exterior as well as interior (Bedroom, bi-folds, pocket, etc.) doors. We typically install masonite doors in which we order through Francis-Schulze. BSC allows customers to look through a Francis-Shulze book to choose the door that interests them as well as benefits them the most. It's becoming more popular to install masonite fiberglass exterior entry doors as they are usually cheaper than a steel door. With multiple door and glass designs, there are a variety of choices for you to choose from to make the entry of your house perfect.


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Storm Doors



With new technology storm/screen doors are becoming more durable than they used to be. With a variety of options, some like to show off their entry door with a full glass storm door while others just want to let a little light and air in. Newer designs allow screen doors to screen away. Instead of looking at the screen on a door when you have the windows shut, with a screen away the screen is rolled up inside the door and when you open the window the screen pulls down. Impove the looks of your entry way with a new Larson storm door that is either a screen away, full glass, or your typical old fashion screen/storm doors. Whatever it may be BSC can fullfill your needs.


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Replacing your roof is a huge asset the the equity to your home, but be careful where you search. We take our time and make sure everything is done correctly as roofing is at the top of the list when it comes to law suits in the construction industry. From start to finish we do a clean job and inspect everything throughout the time of the job. From structure to sheathing to fascia and gutters we make sure everything is safe and sound. We typically re-nail all sheathing and pound down existing sheathing nails, remove all other nails so we have a clean surface before we felt. BSC uses IKO Cambridge AR 30 year shingles, which is a dimensional shingles ranging in 13 different colors. Protecting gutters and siding during tear off as well as clearing the ground completely is certainly a must.


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Small Concrete

We do small concrete jobs. A couple small steps or a small sidewalk here and there, but anything much larger we will contract out to a a concrete company.


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Whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, living room, or a remodel to the outside of your house we can do it. If you're looking to change the appearence of your house, inside or out we're just a phone call away. No job too big, No job too small!


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Siding, Soffit, Aluminum Work

We provide you with high quality Crane vinyl siding. With multiple colors to choose from, mixing and matching trim to siding we're able to provide the product and installation to suit each and every customer in their own way whether it be wood or vinyl.  With various different designs of siding and soffit, BSC can help make your house different from every other house. 


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Finish Work

Trim work, drywall, flooring, you name it, we can take care of it! We're just a phone call away.


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Looking to enhance the look of your back yard with a new deck. With your imagination and the material we can bring you exactly what your looking for, whether it be a multi-layered deck, round deck, or just your standard flat deck. 


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In order to provide customer satisfaction we are able to provide flexible schedules and working hours.

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